Shopping with young kids by your side? Check out these safety tips (VIDEO)

SEATTLE -- Shopping experts have great advice for parents who are shopping with small children who like to wonder off in crowded shopping malls and stores.

Experts at Northgate Mall in Seattle know it can be difficult to search for great deals and keep an eye on small children in crowded stores.

There are several things you can do before you start shopping. First, make a mental note of what your child is wearing. Expert recommend taking a picture of your kids before you go to a crowded place so you immediately can refer to it if your kids get lost.

Talk to your children about a meeting place. Teach your child to look for an official or employee at a store or come up with a designated meeting place if you become separated.

If you child is old enough to remember, teach them you phone number. If they are too young to remember a phone number, try to write your number in their clothing or attach it to a bracelet.

If you notice your child is missing. Remain calm. Immediately tell security or a nearby employee. Department stores and malls have procedures in place. Check in places a child would like  to hide. Many kids see a large store as a fun place to play hide and seek.