Smoke billows from International District warehouse fire

SEATTLE -- A fast-moving, two-alarm fire ripped through a three-story building Tuesday afternoon in the International District.

Smoke could be seen rising up from the three-story building across the city.

The fire department said the fire started around 4PM in an abandoned building along the 660 block of King Street.

Seattle Fire Chief Gregory Dean said the building, which had spongy floors on its upper floors, was on a 'dangerous building list.' Crews fought the fire defensively and were working to keep flames from spreading to other buildings.

Dozens of firefighters rushed to the scene using two ladder trucks to fight the flames from above. Dean said firefighters were fighting the fire at a distance because officials are concerned the building could collapse.

Officials said there were no reports of injuries so far. Dean also said it was too early to tell how or where the fire started.

The fire hit the old Wah Mee building, site of the Wah Mee massacre - the worst mass murder in Seattle history. Three men - Tony Ng, Willie Mak and Benjamin Ng - went into the basement of an illegal gambling club and hogtied, robbed and killed 13 people. Tony Ng, who claims he didn't participate in the actual shootings, was paroled in October. Benjamin Ng and Mak are serving life sentences without parole.

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