Snoqualmie River floods roadways, forces closures: 'It's crazy out here'

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. -- The rain has stopped but the Snoqualmie River spilled over its banks and covered roads and low-lying areas, affecting homes and businesses.

The river is receding, but the water levels in Snoqualmie, Fall City and Carnation were rising throughout the day Monday.

"It's crazy out here," said A.J. Eli. "It's been like this ever since last night. There's been a lot of calls with the Fire Department."

The overflow caused several road closures. Brian Trembling was just trying to get home.

"I work out in Fall City and I need to get to North Bend and I can't cause (State Route) 202 is closed," he said.

King County Executive Dow Constantine was looking over the flooded areas Monday.

"All of this high water will continue and the rivers will continue to rise downstream through the night, and the danger won't pass for at least another 24 hours," he said.

"If you see a road closed sign, respect it," Constantine urged drivers. "The number one cause of death through flood events is people ignoring those signs, thinking they're smarter and getting into trouble. Please don't do that."

Drivers are already planning ahead so Tuesday morning's commute won't be a wash.

"That's something I am going to have to look into, because if I come down (State Route) 202 and find out that it's closed, then I have to go all the way back up through the Snoqualmie Highlands," Trembling said.

Officials urge that drivers plan ahead and give themselves plenty of time in case they need to take back roads or alternate routes.