Snoqualmie weighs new garbage rules to keep away scavenging bears

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. -- The city of Snoqualmie wants people to stop tempting bears with their garbage.

Right now, police get about 100 bear calls a year. Many of them are about bears drawn by garbage.

A proposed ordinance would mean people couldn't put their garbage out until 4:30 in the morning, and they'd have to have the can off the street by 9 p.m.  If they don't cooperate, they'd be charged with a civil infraction A second offense would be a misdemeanor.

"A lot of people put them out the night before so it's contributing to the problem so the bears come out and they basically have a garbage buffet for them," said Snoqualmie Police Chief Steve McCulley.

Offenders of the new rules might be required to get a 'wildlife-proof' trash can, if they're cited.

Bears have been more interested in garbage than people. But police fear, if they keep hanging around humans, there could be an attack.

The Snoqualmie City Council will vote on the proposal after a public meeting next month.