Statue vandalized at St. James Cathedral, Archdiocese says

SEATTLE -- The Archdiocese of Seattle says someone vandalized Seattle's Saint James Cathedral.

Someone carrying a rock went inside the church and smashed a statue of Mary holding the Baby Jesus, the church says. and then ran out the back.

The statue has been covered and the area blocked off.

The pastor at St. James Cathedral, Father Michael G. Ryan, said, "Whoever has done this, I have great concern for that person.”

Ryan added, “Obviously, people are more important than things. And, we care about people here that's kinda what we do."

The church is looking to fix the statue. In the meantime there are plans to replace it with another one.

The Archdiocese of Seattle says this is the third act of vandalism at Saint James Cathedral this year. Law enforcement was notified of each incident.