Tacoma leaders postpone decision on homeless ban

Tacoma leaders decided to postpone making any decisions on how they want to address encampments in the city.

During the city council meeting Tuesday evening, leaders originally planned to vote on a camping ban.

The proposed ban, coming from councilmember John Hines, would prevent any encampments within a 10-block radius of temporary shelters in the city.

Hines says the reason for the ban is to get vulnerable people off the streets and away from criminals who may be preying on them.

However, it is a divisive proposal that has council members arguing both in favor and in opposition of the idea. 

"I don’t see how this particular ordinance, even with the amendments I’m proposing, will address any of the concerns raised this evening. I think it will cause more harm than good," said Tacoma Councilmember Keith Blocker.

The debate extends into the community, as well. 

More than two dozen people voiced their opinion to the council in-person, over the phone, and in written letters.

Instead of taking the first vote on the plan, the council pushed the decision to its Oct. 11 council meeting, stating the need for more time to think, and the need for more involvement from the council.


Proposed ordinance to ban homeless encampments near city-run shelters in Tacoma

A major redrawing of where it would be legal for those experiencing homelessness to camp is up for debate by the Tacoma City Council.