Thieves steal Mom's ashes

MARYSVILLE -- A devastating burglary in Marysville.

Thousands of dollars of valuables and heirlooms gone from a home in the 5800 block of 77th Ave NE. But that’s not what the homeowner is most upset about.

When Ann Reed got home from work Friday night, her front gate was wide open.

Immediately she knew something was wrong. When she went inside her ransacked house she discovered the urn containing her mother’s ashes was stolen.

“All the doors and cupboards and everything were open,” said Reed.

Reed says the burglars snuck into her home through a crawl space and they stole more than just electronics and jewelry.

“It was sitting on the shelf down here,” said Reed.

The urn of her mother’s ashes gone.

“Everything else I can replace I can’t replace my mom’s ashes,” said Reed.

Her mother’s urn is identical to a dark wooden box Reed still had at her home.

“It’s a simple wooden box that’s rather heavy,” said Reed.

The one Reed showed Q13 Fox was an urn for her father who is still alive. Her parents were married for 60 years until Reed’s mother died in 2009.  The family grew up in the Gig Harbor area overlooking the Puget Sound and that’s where her parents wanted to be reunited one day.

“That is where they wanted to have their ashes mingled together now I can’t do that I can’t mingle dad and mom’s ashes together,” said Reed.

She’s not expecting the burglars to return it.

“What if it was pitched into a cliff or a gulley and we never find her,” said Reed.

She’s hoping someone will see her story and recognize the wooden box with her mother’s name Joyce Case written across.

Reed says about a 100 different items totaling $15,000 worth of goods were stolen. Everything from a touchscreen computer to a ship compass dating back to 1890.  Reed says two cans of whipped cream were stolen.

“It’s really a joke why would they take that,” said Reed.