This ice cream shop uses the sweet treat to teach kids science

FEDERAL WAY -- Jack Walsh owns the Sub Zero Ice Cream in Federal Way, and is using the sweet treat to get kids excited about science.

The ice cream is a made a bit differently at Sub Zero: nitrogen is used to freeze it quickly, preventing ice crystals from growing. That is what makes it perhaps a bit smoother than traditional ice cream. With over 55 flavors and 35 mix-ins to choose from, you can essentially create your ideal ice cream treat after whatever your heart desires! You can even choose from premium, low fat, etc.

But the nitrogen that makes it so smooth also makes for the perfect science demonstration; and science is something Jack has had a lifelong passion for. He thinks showing real-world examples of science can ease the stress some kids feel about learning it. "If they're excited about science, and enjoy it and see the fun side, some of the challenges won't be so challenging because they'll apply themselves more," Jack says.

Jack uses the liquid nitrogen to show what it can do in different forms. He pours the nitrogen on the floor, and uses props like balloons and roses to demonstrate. The kids we saw loved it!

Jack offers up demonstrations in local schools, and he and his team cater parties, where he'll gladly throw in the science lesson for free! You can also contact him about bringing in a smaller group of kids to the shop before it opens for the day, and he conducts his demonstrations then.

To contact Jack or sample Sub Zero Ice Cream for yourself, click HERE.