Three vape shops busted for selling flavored vape products

Three vape shops have temporarily lost their licenses after regulators caught them selling flavored vape products despite the statewide ban.

The state says of the more than 3,000 businesses allowed to sell vape products, 28 were caught selling flavored vapes after the ban took effect Oct. 10. But according to regulators, only three continued to sell the illegal vapes after a visit from regulators: Vapor City and Smoke in both Puyallup and Spanaway, and Fuse Vapor in Vancouver.

The Columbian reports Fuse Vapor Distribution Inc. will close its doors.

The statewide flavored vape ban - which is set for 120 days but can be renewed when it ends - was implemented in response to an outbreak in severe lung illnesses tied to vaping. It covers both flavored nicotine and THC products.