Time to break out the tire chains: The possibility of snow in these parts is real, and it's imminent

SEATTLE – If you were hoping snow would disappear from the forecast, you’d better not read the rest of this.

Q13 meteorologist Walter Kelley said Sunday afternoon that it’s still quite likely most of Western Washington will be seeing some white stuff on the ground Monday night and Tuesday morning.

“The most snow for the lowlands will be north of Seattle, mainly around Bellingham out to Port Angeles,” he said. “It does look like a little snow for Seattle, but probably less than an inch.”

Hot on the heels of that snow, we’ll be treated to a cold snap. Kelley said temperatures will drop as low as the teens Tuesday night through Sunday, and that roads will probably be icy.

The good news? It’s going to be nice and sunny out.

One more piece of news you can use: We’re down to nine hours of daylight now.