Tommy Le death: Outside review critical of King County Sheriff's Office investigation

An outside review is offering sharp criticism of the King County Sheriff's Office investigation into the deadly shooting of Tommy Le.

The new report says it found serious gaps in the department's investigation of Le's death.

A deputy shot and killed Le in 2017 after the officer mistook a pen in the 20-year-old's hand for a knife.

A department review board determined the shooting was justified saying there were reports of a disoriented man and that Le had run at the officers. But an autopsy found that the deputy shot Le in the back.

The family's attorney said the responsibility needs to fall on the King County Sheriff, Executive, and Council.

"What are you going to do about this?" said Jeff Campiche, attorney for the family. "What steps are you going to take the make sure this doesn't happen again to somebody else's son or daughter, husband or loved one? That they're killed by police officers with no fear of consequence? Conspiracy of silence where they all get together and make up a story"

The King County Sheriff says the report is misleading and it does not recognize new accountability systems that are now in place. The office planned to release more information on Wednesday.

The Office of Law Enforcement Oversight which called for the new review was scheduled to present the report to the county council's Law and Justice Committee.

Read the full report below: