Top tech tips for Super Bowl 48

SEATTLE -- Whether you're watching Sunday's game solo, with friends, or from the Big Apple,  I've got the top tech tips for Super Bowl 48.

Starting with an app that can help you throw a stellar Super Bowl party – it’s called the home-gating app. It’s from the good people at NFL mobile - basically this is the super bowl party hosts best friend. It keeps you up with your favorite teams and gives you all the game logistics you could possibly need.

Use it to invite friends and family to your event via email and text, plus it suggests recipes and tips for throwing a good old fashioned home-gate party any time of the year.

But what if you run out of ice and are forced to make a run during the big game? Never fear - get the Seahawks mobile app, it will keep you in the know with real time NFL stats as well as the social media feed from all the players and coaches - plus it has got some sweet hi-res wallpapers for your smartphone

Now say you've decided to forego the super bowl party in favor of a day on the town - or maybe you're just looking for a way to connect with fellow 12th man fans but aren’t anywhere near the emerald city. Get in on the fanatic app - you put in your favorite teams and it tells you where fellow fans are getting together, plus you can create your own event and share it over Facebook and twitter

Finally if you find yourself holding down the fort solo consider connecting with fellow fans or rivals over another game.

NFL connect is like a real-time football bingo game that you play on your tablet. Your board is made up of in-game events that are assigned to squares, when something happens that square lights up - the goal is to get four in a row.

The best feature? The in-game instant messenger - I hear trash talk in my future.

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