Tornado hits Oregon, damages multiple buildings


MCMINNVILLE, Or (KPTV) - Severe weather destroyed at least one building in McMinnville Thursday.

The National Weather Service confirmed Thursday night that it was a tornado that caused the damage but had not determined how powerful it was.

The National Weather Service also confirmed three tornado sightings around Oregon Thursday including in Hillsboro, Harrisburg and just south of Corvallis.

Fox 12 spoke to a man who reported seeing something he described as a "circular rain cloud" in the area of Northeast 11th and Alpine Avenue in McMinnville.

"It was about 150 to 200 feet wide," said Richard Schoenthal.

He said the wind ripped the roof off a building. He stopped to help a man trapped inside by the debris.

Fox 12 meteorologists said there was no confirmed rotation to the weather system, but it did bring strong wind and rain through parts of Yamhill County late Thursday afternoon and into the evening.

Firefighters said at least four buildings were damaged Thursday, but they have not received any reports of injuries.