University of Idaho students return to campus as police have yet to catch suspect in quadruple homicide

University of Idaho students have returned to campus after Thanksgiving break, but the person or people responsible for the deadly stabbing of four students over two weeks ago is still on the loose. 

On Nov. 13, 20-year-olds Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle and 21-year-olds Kaylee Gonclaves and Madison Mogen were found brutally stabbed to death in their beds inside an off-campus home

Weeks later, police do not have any suspects or persons of interest. 

"I think everyone would feel safer if they found who did it, and also it just is kind of like it definitely changes campus. It's a lot quieter around here," said U. Idaho student Mary Kay Wanechek. 

With little information on who the suspect might be, students on campus are alert, and so is the rest of the Moscow community. Since Nov. 13, the Moscow Police Department has received 78 calls for 'unusual circumstances'-- which is up from the 70 that they received in the entire month of October. There were also 36 calls for welfare check requests in just two weeks-- more than the 18 for all of October. 

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"I've seen a lot of police around and just like it seems like everyone's pretty vigilant. So, I'm not too concerned, but obviously, they haven't found the person, so there's still a threat."

 Students have the option to finish out the semester online, and police have increased security around campus since the deadly stabbings.

"I feel safer on campus. I've noticed that there's a lot more campus security, so I'm feeling good. I feel like I can just walk around and feel safe wherever I'm going," said student Dakota Wilson. 

Idaho State Police maintain that the quadruple homicide was a targeted attack, yet police won’t say exactly who was the target because it’s "pertinent to the investigation."

"We recognize there's fear in the community. Ultimately, there is a person or persons that is in either our community or someone else's community who's committed four murders. And so, people need to be alert and aware," said Aaron Snell with the Idaho State Police.  


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More than two weeks have passed since four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death, and detectives are combing through hundreds of tips. Moscow, Idaho police said they do not have any suspects in custody or a murder weapon.