Utah woman delivers baby in her car with the help of strangers

AMERICAN FORK, Utah – A Utah mom knew her third baby was coming - but had no idea she would be giving birth on the way to the hospital.

“We love her, she’s perfect,” Emily Acor told KSTU as she held her new baby girl Sophia in their home. The day Sophia was born however, she went for the dramatics.

“She just decided she wanted to be a little special,” Acor said.

For Emily, this wasn’t her first or her second time having a baby, “Looking back on my other deliveries, I thought we had a lot more time,” said Acor.

Emily started having contractions just after midnight on Friday morning. “Things just picked up so much faster… at the end we just lost, lost time,” she said.

She and her husband couldn’t get a babysitter until 4 p.m. Friday, but given those previous pregnancies, she thought it would be fine. When they finally left for the hospital, their car broke down.

“Basically on the on-ramp to get on I-15 our car stopped working,” she said.

Luckily, Emily’s mom was following close behind. Emily jumped in her mom’s car and her husband stayed behind to get a tow.

“My labor was progressing very, very quickly,” Acor said.

The thing is, Emily’s mom didn’t know how to get to the hospital.

“I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be giving her directions. So she got out of the car and started waving her arms for somebody to stop and these two sisters, they were twins, pulled over and said ‘Do you need some help?’ and my mom said ‘My daughter is having a baby right now and I need help getting to the hospital,’” Acor said.

“Without skipping a beat they said, ‘Follow us we’ll take you there,’” she added.

It became clear that Emily was running out of time.

“I knew we had no time, I was praying out loud, my mom was praying out loud, we need angels, we need a miracle right now,” she said.

Then rush hour traffic stopped their frantic rush to the hospital.

“Right at rush hour, traffic was going on both sides, we had to stop traffic in the middle of Main Street,” Acor said.

Little Sophia was ready to enter the world.

“Not now, not here, no, no, please wait,” Acor said as she recalled that moment. Emily, her mom and the two strangers, Ashley and Adrienne, brought baby Sophia into the world.

“She basically helped catch my baby and helped deliver the baby and put her on my chest,” Acor said.

“Not hesitating one bit, they just dropped what they were doing, those sisters were on their way to a birthday party little did they know that it was going to be two birthday parties,” Acor laughed.

Giving a happy ending, to one hectic entrance.

“She came out and she was breathing and everything was fine and perfect and I couldn’t ask for a better delivery… besides the location,” she laughed.