Kirkland's Valentine's Day Dash at Marina Park brings awareness on organ donations

The city of Kirkland's Valentine's Day Dash kicked off on Saturday, and more than 200 people participated to raise awareness for organ donations.

Saturday marked the fourth year of the Valentine's Day Dash, which is a 5-K run at Marina Park. This is the second time the event was held in this location. More than 200 people laced up their shoes and showed up to dash through the finish line.

According to Alexander's Hope website, the organization behind the event, an average of 21 people die every day while waiting for a transplant. Someone new is added to the organ donation waiting list every 10 minutes.

We reached out to Bella Chaffey, president and founder of Alexander Hope.

"I started Alexander Hope with my family after my brother Alexander suffered from an undiagnosed and then misdiagnosed heart condition he ended up needing a heart transplant at 19," said Chaffey.

Chaffey says the fund run benefits Alexander Hope and provides lifesaving heart screenings at local schools. 

"So we just finished this great race it’s an awesome charity race," said runner and participant Meghan Magnano. "There’s so many kids, adults out there that have all kinds of issues right whether it’s sickness or disease and if we can help somebody in anyway, why not." 

Magnano says she tries to run every year for the good cause. 

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Chaffey says the screenings help teach kids about CPR and how to operate an AED, so when they witness a cardiac arrest they can assist to help save lives.