VIDEO: Oak Harbor daycare employee fired after aggressive handling of children, police investigating

Outrage is growing amongst parents on Whidbey Island after two videos surfaced of a daycare employee spanking one child and forcefully handling another child.

The video was taken at The Children’s Academy, according to Oak Harbor Police. In a news release, the department said investigators are looking into the potential assault of a child at the daycare.

"For me, it was heartbreaking. I mean, these kids are just little-- they didn’t do anything wrong," said Jessica Vanvelkinburgh.

"The daycare provider who’s in those videos was Peyton‘s teacher for a year," said parent Amber Bovee. "Somebody sent me the videos, and like I said, just immediately sick and disgusted and like I betrayed my child."

FOX 13 News reached out to The Children’s Academy. The Owner and Director, Jan Alger, said she opened the daycare 17 years ago, and that’s how long the employee in question worked for her daycare.

"That should’ve never happened and I let her go right away. I told police and let the licensor know," said Alger on the phone. "This daycare should not be shutdown. We do everything right."  

Sarah Brannon worked as a teacher between July 2021 to February 2022, and said she noticed the red flags. 

"It was a lot of yelling at kids, calling them names to their faces, calling them stupid," said Brannon. "We knew things were going on, so I wasn’t surprised but I was outraged because nobody wants to see a kid get hurt."

FOX 13 News also talked to Breia Brumfield over the phone. Brumfield’s 2-year-old son is the one seen in the video being spanked. 

"Had the video not been brought to my attention, [the owner] would’ve never told me. She lied when I asked her if my child was involved at all," said Brumfield. "That place needs to be shut down. It’s unacceptable."

Oak Harbor Police said the daycare is cooperating with the investigation. Investigators are checking to see if there have been other incidents or if other children were affected. 

If you have any information you’d like to share with police regarding this case, you can contact Detective Sergeant Gravel at 360-279-4630 or by email

Click here to take a look at The Children’s Academy’s prior complaints and inspection records.

You can also lookup any daycare in the state through the Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families Child Care Check.