Warning about possible measles exposure in Seattle, Kirkland, Mercer Island

SEATTLE -- Public health officials on Wednesday confirmed measles infections in two siblings, an adult and a child, who were in several public locations in Seattle, Kirkland and Mercer Island during the time they were contagious.

The siblings have been visiting from out of state and Public Health Seattle & King County officials believe that they acquired measles outside of Washington state.

Because most people in our area have immunity to the measles through vaccination, the risk to the general public is low. In addition, outdoor exposure locations carry lower risk. However, all people who were in the following locations around the same time as the two individuals with measles should:

    Before receiving the measles diagnosis, the two contagious individuals were in locations in the community where other people might have been exposed. Anyone who was at the following sites during the following times was possibly exposed to measles:

      If you were in these areas at the times above and are not immune to measles, the most likely time you would become sick is between July 16 and Aug. 8.

      For more information about measles, a fact sheet is available in multiple languages.