‘We were going to shoot them’: Jurors again hear Carnation murder suspect's confession

SEATTLE -- For a second day, jurors heard a suspected killer’s taped confession detailing his role in the Carnation murders.

Joseph McEnroe and his then-girlfriend Michele Anderson are accused of killing six members of Michele's family. Anderson’s parents, Wayne and Judy Anderson, their son and daughter-in-law, and two small grandchildren were killed Christmas Eve 2007.

On the tape played in court, McEnroe told detectives they went to the home with guns because they planned on killing Anderson’s parents.

During the interview, McEnroe can be heard saying, "We were going to shoot them."

McEnroe said the couple was angry at Michele’s parents over money issues and past grudges. He also told investigators the couple knew Michele’s brother’s family would be showing up at the home, so they waited and killed them.

His defense team earlier told jurors McEnroe was coerced into the killings by his girlfriend, but prosecutors say he knew exactly what he was doing.

Michele Anderson will have a separate trial later.

If convicted, McEnroe could face the death penalty.