What's proper etiquette when hosting your legal pot party?

SEATTLE - So you've got a few friends over for dinner, the music is lively, the conversation is spirited, and all of a sudden, someone whips out a joint and lights up.  What's the in-the-know host to do?  Not to worry, according to Aviva Palmer, CEO of a  Seattle event-planning company, The Adventure School.  "At this point in Washington there's no need to regulate marijuana to something secretive and gross unless you see it that way," Palmer told the Seattle Times.

It wouldn't be surprising that in Seattle, there might be a few potheads at your party, given that 74% of the electorate voted last year to legalize weed.  And according to the latest research from the RAND Institute, about 1 in 9 Washington adults "toked" in the last month, the Times reported.

Party planner Kelli Bielema told the Times that she's been contacted about arranging parties where pot was not only present, but featured.  And when it comes to what kind of food (edibles) you should serve at your party, Bielema advises "signage" - little tent cards with a playful message that carry a warning:  eating these goodies may delay the intoxicating effects of the marijuana.