Will it SNOW in the lowlands this winter? M.J. McDermott has the long-range forecast

It's the question that creeps into our minds as winter approaches.

Is it going to snow at my house this year?

Q13 Meteorologist M.J. McDermott attended a conference with other forecasters at the National Weather Service to look ahead at the long-range forecast.

Forecaster said they initially thought it would be a La Nina year -- which normally means colder than normal and wetter than normal. And that could translate into a higher chance of lowland snow.

But not so fast. What was initially a strong La Nina has been weakening. And remember the warm blob of water off of our coast? It's forming again.

So now we've got warm water off of our coast which could moderate the temperatures. MJ says that means it is less likely that we will see lowland snow. But with an increased chance of precipitation, that means a good chance of mountain snow, so things are looking good for skiers!

MJ says it's possible we may get more flooding this year, with warmer temperatures expected and an increased chance of precipitation.

Now all that's left is to wait and see!