Woman accused of drugging another woman, plotting to steal baby pleads not guilty

TACOMA -- A woman accused of plotting to steal a newborn baby has been officially charged.

Prosecutors say 38-year-old Juliette Parker schemed for months, posed as a photographer and even drugged a woman as part of the elaborate conspiracy.  Her 16-year-old daughter was also involved, officials say.

Court documents say the woman and her daughter laced a cupcake and gave it to a woman, Elysia Miller, in hopes of stealing her baby. Parker is accused of posing as a photographer and offering free sessions on social media to gain access to Miller's home as well as the homes of other new moms.

Miller spoke at a press conference Tuesday, saying the third time Parker came over to her house she brought wine and cupcakes and she felt pressured to eat the cupcakes.

"As I ate one, my lips and face started to feel numb. I saw the photographer wiping down her wine glass and other items in my house. My legs and arms started to go numb, and I repeatedly told the photographer and her daughter to leave my house," Miller said.

Miller said she started to vomit uncontrollably and called 911.

"I'm super spacey; like it's hard to talk, and my hands and my feet and my arms are super numb," Miller can be heard saying in the 911 call.

She said she later noticed her house keys were gone.

Court documents state that the victim reached out to Parker who eventually told her that her keys were at her place.  Later, a man dropped off the keys back to the victim.

Miller says she went back to the hospital a couple of days later.

"I went to the hospital and told the doctors what happened. They tested my blood and told me that my symptoms sounded like what someone would experience if they were exposed to GHB or the date rape drug," Miller said.

The sheriff's office says they are waiting for toxicology reports. So far much of the evidence against Parker appears to be coming from a man she once dated.

Charging documents state that Parker communicated with the man asking for the date rape drug.  According to detectives, Parker told the man she would marry him on the spot if he could get her a baby girl.  She allegedly told the man she would kidnap a baby as a last resort.

Detectives also say the 16-year-old daughter corresponded with the same man, saying they had identified a baby to kidnap and that her mom wanted nothing more to have a baby of her own.

 "Since this happened I am terrified to be at my house. I don't go anywhere, I don't like being at home. I'm not sleeping, I'm not eating," she said.

Parker pleaded not guilty Tuesday after bailing out of jail. Prosecutors argued she was a danger to the public and asked a judge to up her bail.

The judge agreed and raised her bail to $150,000. She was taken to jail after her arraignment.

Parker's 16-year-old daughter has been charged as a juvenile in connection with the case. She pleaded not guilty and will remain in custody. She's expected to be back in court Thursday afternoon.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Office says they have been contacted by about a dozen women who say Parker either reached out to them for free sessions or that they had already met up with her.