Woman calls police, follows man she says groped her in downtown Seattle

SEATTLE -- A man was arrested Wednesday in Pioneer Square after police said he walked for blocks grabbing and touching women inappropriately.

“I'm kind of shaking inside,” JoAnn Wilcox, one of the victims, said later Wednesday.

She said she saw the man approaching, as we walked with her boss.

“When I realized he was heading towards my personal space, I thought he was headed for my jacket. I thought he was going to take my jacket.”

But the man didn’t grab her jacket. He groped her.

“He looked me directly in the eyes while he was doing it, so it's clear to me he was looking for some kind of satisfaction.”

“I never in a million years thought he was going to do what he did,” says Anne Schopf, Wilcox’s boss.

The man didn’t say a word. He just kept walking down the street. But other people who saw what happened told Wilcox she wasn’t the only one the man had groped. So she started following him, while Schopf called 911.

“We were screaming at women, to get them to move away from him,” said Wilcox.

“Then he got ahead of us and grabbed another woman,” added Schopf.

Police were able to track down the suspect and take him into custody. Women in Pioneer Square are relieved he was caught.

“That’s really awful and violating,” said Lisa Tanaka. ”I’m really glad I wasn't here when that was happening.”

Seattle police arrested another man accused of groping women downtown earlier this month. Julia Marquand posted a picture of him on Twitter, after he grabbed her.

“I know the difference between being bumped into and being groped,” Marquand said.

Whether it’s taking a picture or following a suspect, Wilcox said, she’s glad women are taking action to get these criminals off the street.

“Sexual molestation is sexual molestation. Who knows what this person has done or will do or is capable of doing? I'm just really hoping this can prevent it from happening to someone else.”

Police say at least three victims came forward and identified the suspect caught Wednesday. He’s been booked into jail for indecent liberties.