'Yes, it was premeditated': Jurors hear daughter admit to killing her family in Carnation

SEATTLE -- Jurors in the Carnation murder trial of Joe McEnroe heard the taped confession of his former girlfriend, Michele Anderson, on Wednesday.

The two are accused of killing six members of Anderson’s family in Carnation seven years ago.

In a bid to avoid the death penalty, McEnroe’s defense team wanted to show jurors that he was pressured into helping Anderson.

On tape, when detectives ask Anderson why she and McEnroe carried guns to her parents’ home on Christmas Eve 2007, she said, “Because I’m tired of everybody stepping on me.”

Anderson told police she was angry with her brother, Scott, for not paying back money he owed her, and angry at her parents for asking her to pay rent on the trailer she lived in on their property.

“Yes, it was premeditated, and yes, I was fed up with everything,” said Anderson.

The couple killed her mother, father, brother, and sister-in-law, along with that couple’s two young children, Olivia, 5, and Nathan, 3.

McEnroe told police he shot the children to eliminate witnesses.

When detectives asked Anderson if she told McEnroe to shoot the kids, she said, “I did. We have to kill everybody because I’m afraid.”

At the end of the police interview, Anderson admitted she had been thinking about killing her family for two weeks before she and McEnroe committed the crime.

Prosecutors contend that, whatever the reason, McEnroe still took an active part and shot at least four of those family members.

On Thursday, jurors are expected to hear from another former boyfriend of Michelle Anderson, who will testify that he believes she is mentally unstable.

Anderson's murder trial will be held separately from McEnroe's at a later date.