Insuring your motorized vehicles

This holiday season, people might decide to splurge on motor sport vehicles like a snowmobile, ATV, or jet ski.

Q13 talked to PEMCO Insurance about insuring those motorized vehicles.

" It's really not that expensive," said Erin Gross, an Agency Manager at PEMCO. "I think that's one of the biggest misconceptions is that it is really costly. Just like auto insurance, it varies based on the type of vehicle that it is, your driving record and your age, but it's as cost prohibitive as people think it is."

Gross said your auto insurance or homeowners insurance does not automatically cover any motorized vehicle you own.

The biggest worry is liability.

"So imagine your zooming along in your snowmobile, you hit someone else on their snowmobile, they're injured and their bike wrecked," said Gross. "So, liability coverage would protect damage that you do to them and your bike and their toy."

The rule of thumb is if you drive it and it has a motor, you should at least ask your insurance agent if it needs its own insurance.

If you can't get the coverage from your insurance company, they should be able to connect you with a special company that can.

Just like with car insurance, you don't want to go with the minimum limits because medical bills can add up fast.

Gross said having motor vehicle insurance is worth it because you are able to protect other people as well as yourself from financial ruin.