Join the Seahawks Women's Association in supporting 'Mary's Place' for homeless families

SEATTLE -- Imagine being left homeless, and having nowhere to go. Now imagine that when  you DO find a shelter that could possibly take you in, they insist they need to separate you and your 13 year old daughter to do it.

That was Teresa and Marissa's story. But then they found "Mary's Place", a local shelter that caters to women and families, and they were able to stay together as they worked to get back on their feet. Now, Teresa works FOR the shelter, and Marissa is a happy 15 year old, studying to help others by becoming an RNA.

There are so many more stories just like theirs- and "Mary's Place" is hoping to open a brand new shelter so they never have to turn families away. The Seahawks Women's Association joined them to help launch a crowdfunding campaign that's on NOW: "No Child Sleeps Outside." The goal is to raise $250,000 dollars by December 23rd.

Local companies like Dick's Drive-in are lending their support as well. Please help!

Please watch Teresa and Marissa's story in the video above, and consider making a donation by clicking HERE.