WATCH: Heroic riverboarder rescues tiny little squirrel from drowning in fast flowing river

OTTAWA, Canada --  An adorable little squirrel likely has no idea how lucky he was that Thomas Paterson was riverboarding near him recently in Ottawa Canada.

In a video posted to YouTube, the furry little guy can be seen trapped on a rock in the midst of a fast flowing river.

According to the caption on the video, Patterson spotted the squirrel and realized he was in trouble.

“Thomas decided to comfort the animal, gain its trust and try and return it safely to the shore,” reads the caption.

In the video the squirrel can be seen jumping toward another rock, but landing headlong in a rough section of water.

Patterson can then be seen quickly moving in, fishing the squirrel out, plopping him down on the riverboard before gliding the board to shore and safety.