Ed Dickson came to Seattle to win a Super Bowl: 'I chose to come here for a reason'

RENTON, Wash. – Ed Dickson went to the Super Bowl when he played for the Baltimore Ravens.

He went again when he played for the Carolina Panthers.

He came to the Seattle Seahawks because he thinks they give him the best shot at a hat trick – even if not many people on the outside would agree.

“I had a choice in free agency to go to a lot of different teams – I’m not gonna name them – but I chose to come here for a reason,” Dickson said during an exclusive interview with the official home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX. “I knew that we would have a chance in this division to get to the playoffs, go deep into the playoffs, and play for another Super Bowl.”

The 31-year-old tight end out of Oregon was a third-round draft pick by the Ravens in 2010. Known primarily for his blocking, Dickson had the most offensive production of his career last season when he caught 30 passes for 437 yards and a touchdown.

You can’t blame Dickson for being laser-focused on Super Bowls. He won one early in his career, when the Ravens knocked off the San Francisco 49ers, 34-31, in Super Bowl XLVII. Three years later, he was on the losing side when the Panthers fell to the Broncos, 21-10, in Super Bowl 50.

“You learn a lot more from losing the Super Bowl,” Dickson said. “You win a Super Bowl, everyone’s happy, it doesn’t matter if you won by 1, or won by 20. Winning a Super Bowl is winning a Super Bowl. When you lose a Super Bowl, it puts a fire in you that’s always burning until you get back to the top of the mountain.”

So how does Dickson square that burning desire with his choice to join a team that oddsmakers have given a 50-1 shot at winning it all next February?

“I love it,” Dickson said. “Both of the Super Bowls I’ve been to, nobody gave us a chance at the beginning of the season. I think Carolina was picked to finish last in the division the year that we won, and we break off, what, 17 in a row before we lost a game? I’m excited. You don’t listen to anything on the outside. You believe from within.

“You work hard, you put in the time, and then you go out and do what you’ve got to do.”