Fans created ‘Rave Quakes’ after each Sounders goal scored in CCL

The Seattle Sounders FC scored three goals against Pumas UNAM to win the CONCACAF Champions League title and the fans’ celebrations were enough to register on a seismometer, which is an earthquake measuring device. 

Scientists from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network released their data analysis of the match and said the fans created three "Rave Quakes" after each goal during the match at Lumen Field. 

The quakes were recorded at the PNSN’s nearby station KDK (named for the Kingdome).  

"The shaking from this cheering was about 5x the background level. So think of shaking from everyday activity like cars driving and machines humming, and it was 5x that," scientists said. 

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In front of a CONCACAF record 68,741 fans at Lumen Field on Wednesday night, the Sounders became the first MLS team to win the Champions League in its current form. The victory earns them a berth into the quarterfinals of the FIFA Club World Cup.

 The PNSN is an organization dedicated to reducing impacts of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the states of Washington and Oregon by providing accurate and fast information about earthquakes and ground motions to scientists, engineers, planners, and the public.