Golden Tate to Wilson: Put an end to wife rumors (VIDEO)

DETROIT -- Golden Tate is upset that former teammate Russell Wilson didn't immediately put a stop to rumors that a tryst between Tate and Wilson's ex-wife Ashton Meem was the cause of the star QB's divorce.

Tate told TMZ Sports that he wishes Wilson would come out and put an end to all the rumors that he had something to do with their breakup.

"It's a bunch of bulls***," Tate told TMZ. "It's sad that he's letting that go on."

When asked if he thinks Wilson actually believes the rumors, Tate said, "I don't know what he believes."

Tate has insisted he never had an affair with Meem, nor did anything to contribute to the couple's divorce. Tate says Meem is still best friends with his current girlfriend.

Despite the rumor, Tate maintains he and Wilson are still friends, though they don't talk often.

During the impromptu interview, which occurred outside a Beverly Hills club, Tate talked about the final play of Super Bowl XLIX, and told the interviewer he believes he could have caught the last pass.

"I would have caught it," Tate said. "I have confidence in my abilities."

Tate was signed by the Detroit Lions before the start of the 2014 season. He had a career year with the team, catching 99 passes for 1,331 yards.