'It won't be the same': Seahawks announcement leaves fans disappointed

For the first time in Seahawks history, the football team will play without fans in the stadium for its first three home games. The Seahawks said they’ll miss the energy and passion of the 12s, but that the health and safety of their fans, players and staff is the priority.

Willie Whitmore is going on eight years as a season ticket holder.

“I’m definitely going to miss the camaraderie of getting together with friends and family, the tailgating and the going to the game and just being part of the 12s,” said Whitmore. “We pride ourselves on making an impact on the game and we won’t have the opportunity this year.”

Whitmore said he’s not sure he’d feel comfortable going to a game anyway during the Covid-19 pandemic before a vaccine is developed and widely administered.

Another 12 Chris Mckenty has been a season ticketholder since 2004.

“You just feel that energy start to build and build in, and the seats start to fill in and the volume cranks up. There’s nothing like it. I love that atmosphere. I love the energy you get from being at a game,” said Mckenty. “I know it’s only the first three games right now but I actually expect it to be the whole season.”

He was hoping to bring his son Christian to a first preseason game, but instead the family will cheer the Hawks on from home.

“Text messages will be flying during the game and maybe a few FaceTime calls but it just won’t be the same energy as us being together in the stands,” said Mckenty.

Nevertheless, loyal fans have the big “W” on their minds, and say they’ll keep rooting for the home team no matter where it’s from.

“We can still win this thing, right?!” said Whitmore. “Even though there’s not fans in the stand we can still win this thing. Go Hawks!”

Public health guidance will be taken into consideration for future games.