Lockette walks out of hospital, immediately buys 100 cheeseburgers for homeless

DALLAS – Ricardo Lockette didn’t spend much time feeling sorry for himself.

According to a story from TMZ, the Seattle Seahawks receiver spotted a large group of homeless people as he was walking out of a Dallas hospital following his neck surgery – so he stopped and bought 100 for them.

Lockette appeared to be out on the field for several minutes after a brutal hit during the first half of the Seahawks' win over the Dallas Cowboys last week. He's out for at least the rest of the season.

Lockette’s father, Earl Lockette, confirmed the report to TMZ.

"He had a neck brace on while he was passing out the burgers," Earl Lockette tells us ... "So some people were like, 'What happened to you?' But Ricardo didn't try and bring attention to who he was."

"Some people knew who he was. But this was more about Ricardo seeing people who were in worse shape than him, and wanting to help them however he could."