The 7 most Michael Bennett things Michael Bennett said today

RENTON, Wash. – Michael Bennett was in rare form at his press conference Wednesday.

After missing five games following arthroscopic knee surgery last month, coach Pete Carroll said would practice Wednesday and is on track to return Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

If nothing else, Bennett’s personality emerged intact. Here the highlights:

His first words at a press conference since the surgery:

“Nope, I didn’t vote for Trump.”

On his agent’s Tweet saying Bennett is working on a new contract with the Seahawks:

“Propaganda, man.”

On how he’s feeling at this point:

“I’m black in America. Feels good, feels decent.”

On whether he expects to play this week:

“Also propaganda.”

On how he feels after surgery:

“Surgery never feels good when somebody’s taking a knife and slicing in your body, but overall I think it’ll be better in the long run.”

On how he spent his time off:

“Painting my daughter’s or some stuff like that. You have to do Daddy stuff when you’re at home.”

Does he have any comment on the result of the election?