Douglas Merculief: Child predator known to babysit his prey

MERCULIEFWANTED IN KING COUNTY -- All sex offenders are scary, but when a predator babysits his prey, that’s really bad. Officers said convicted child molester, Douglas Merculief, takes the threat he poses to you and your kids to a whole new level. "He was convicted of molesting a young boy he was in charge of babysitting. He threatened to kill the young boy. We really need your help to catch this child predator,” Emily Isaacs with the Department of Corrections said. The tattoos on Merculief’s left hand could be the clues that can help you spot him. He's got his first name, "Doug," written across his knuckles and a smiley face in the web of his hand. Douglas Merculief is 35 years old. If you know how to get this missing child predator -- who's babysat his prey in the past -- call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS. You can text a tip here.