Christmas forecast: More nice than naughty

SEATTLE -- Merry Christmas to you from Q13!

You and your family can expect a cloudy but dry day as you unwrap those gifts. Highs will be around 43 with a low of 33, chilly but not cold enough for a white Christmas for anyone in the lowlands.

The EURO model is suggesting a chance for a few snowflakes Christmas morning - above 1000 feet. If that happens, it likely won't be anything significant. The weakening front could give a few early Christmas rain showers. By Christmas afternoon, we'll dry out and highs will be near average in the mid 40s.

Thursday looks to be dry.

Friday through the weekend, models aren't agreeing on whether it will be dry or wet. I went with a chance for a few showers each day, but stay tuned for updates.

The next round of steadier rain could be late Sunday into Monday keeping the Seahawks game soggy.

Normal highs for this part of December are 35 in the morning and 44 in the afternoon. We'll be pretty close to that for the rest of 2019.