Seattle weather: Scattered showers continue throughout the weekend

What a difference a day makes! After hitting 65 yesterday today's highs dropping into the low to mid-50s. And we'll remain in this cool and showery spring weather pattern through next week.  

Overnight, we cool off into the low to mid-40s. The average for this time of year is now 47. 

So far, May has been very active with spring showers and below-average temperatures.  We have seen a good fight between high and low pressure with Pacific lows ultimately winning out pushing system after system into the region. 

Saturday, expect scattered showers, not a wash-out, will breezy winds.

Unfortunately, Sunday will feature pockets of showers with cooler highs. If you have outdoor Mother's Day plans you may want to download the FOX 13 Weather App to help you plan your day. 

So how much rain will we tally in the buckets this weekend? By Sunday around 11 a.m., Seattle pulls down just under an inch with Everett and Olympia picking up close to an inch and three quarters. Average rainfall for the month of May is 1.88".  

By Monday into Tuesday, our upper trough moves inland keeping us cool under a north, northwest flow. Highs hang in the mid-50s.  

At this point, Wednesday looks dry for your Champions of the North, your Seattle Sounders! Enjoy! 

Have a great night all!  ~Erin Mayovsky, FOX 13 Forecaster

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