Seattle weather: Wintry mix possible for Monday

A windy day around Western Washington on Sunday.  Gusts topped out at over 55 mph in some spots.  We had reports of a 45mph gust at Sea-Tac too. There were several reports of power outages today along with some downed trees. The Wind Advisory issued for the Admiralty Inlet Area is set to expire at 10pm on Sunday.  Winds will relax overnight today and early Monday.

Seattle weather: Gusty and rainy with mountain snow

The much advertised storm which is set to bring heavy mountain snow, lowland rain and gusty winds arrives tonight.  By Sunday, the main center and cold front will move in from the north.  The westerly winds will create a rain shadow over the Central Puget Sound by the Olympics.  The westerly winds will also create up-sloping along the Cascades, increasing the snowfall in the mountains.