Halloween forecast: Who will get wet trick-or-treating?

Trick or Treat? Well, it depends on where you live.

It will be wet for the Eastside and foothills (Trick).

It looks mostly dry North of Lynnwood, out by the Coast and South of Tacoma (Treat).

    Overall it will be quite Damp on Halloween! There will be a rain shadow off of the Olympics and Vancouver Island for less rain there but for the most part we will be wet through Friday night. It’ll be breezy the whole time and it looks pretty gusty Thursday night into Friday morning.

    It doesn’t look like a wind storm but there could be a Wind Advisory for the Whidbey/Bellingham area. It’ll be pretty warm with highs near 60. That means NO snow on the passes.

    Friday afternoon through Saturday will be mostly dry. Sunday looks wet for the Seahawks game.