High wind warning in place along the coast as more storms move in

SEATTLE -- Storm and storm after storm ... they are lined up out in the Pacific and headed our way.

Rain, wind and mountain snow are predicted through next weekend.

Monday morning will be fairly dry with a little break before the next system rolls through. A high wind warning for the coast kicks in at 1 p.m. It starts at 4 p.m. for Western Whatcom & Skagit Counties, through the islands, and near Port Townsend where gusts will reach 60 mph. Elsewhere, gusts will only reach 30-35 mph.

Monday evening will be wet and gusty. Strongest gusts up will be up north and at the beach. A very wet evening commute for sure.

Tuesday will be wet and gusty again with more gusts around 35mph. The mountains get a lot of snow but the snow level bounces between 4,000 and 5,000 feet.

Area rivers will run high and fast, and we will start to see some flooding by Tuesday. Remember to “turn around and don’t drown” when you approach flooded roads. Wednesday starts out wet and gusty but the day should be mostly dry.

Thursday brings in another stormy period but this time the snow level drops below Snoqualmie Pass creating some problems for the passes later in the week. The snow level drops to 1,000 feet by Friday.