Seattle weather: Heat advisory this weekend as temperatures soar to near 90 degrees

The 70s will feel cool as we're forecasting 80s and 90s this weekend!

High pressure will boost our temps 10-20 degrees above average giving us our first heat wave of the season.  Be sure to stay hydrated and keep the sunblock handy.  

Overnight temps will fall below normal as skies clear out.  Lows around the region drop into the mid to upper 40s at the coast and to the south with upper 40s to low 50s into the Central and North Sound. 

As low pressure slides off to the east highs Friday will warm a few degrees into the mid 70s.   

By late Friday into Saturday high pressure starts to strengthen giving us a quick warm up into the 80s for the first time this year.  Saturday's highs land in the low to mid 80s. This warmth is triggering another first for the region… a widespread "Heat Advisory" for Western WA.  This alert goes into effect late Saturday night lasting through Monday.  

*Hot conditions will increase the risk of heat related illnesses for those who are sensitive to heat, especially those without effective cooling or adequate hydration.  

By Monday some areas to the south and into the foothills could see temperatures in the low 90s.  Make sure to limit time outdoors during this type of heat. 

Please be careful around area rivers, lakes, and ocean waters as temperatures are still running very cool.  Be safe, stay with a partner and wear a life jacket.  

Don't worry, if you are not a fan of the 80s and 90s the 70s and possibly 60s will return starting Tuesday as Mother Nature sends marine air in to cool us down.  As we switch weather patterns look for late night clouds followed by morning clouds/fog.  

We'll stay mostly dry next week, but there is a slight chance of a few light showers passing through Wednesday and Thursday.  Otherwise, look for highs a touch cooler than normal. 

Have a great night all! ~Erin Mayovsky, FOX 13 Forecaster