1 dead, 5 injured as boat capsizes at mouth of Columbia

The mouth of the Columbia river. From wikimedia.

ILWACO, Wash. -- One man was killed and five other people were injured when a recreational boat capsized just off the Oregon/Washington coast Friday, KPTV reported.

According to KPTV, the pleasure boat was attempting to cross the Columbia River Bar near Astoria, Ore, sometime before 11 a.m. when it went down. Six people went into the water as witnesses said the boat sank almost immediately.

Everyone on the boat was wearing life jackets, KPTV reported.

Five people were rescued but a sixth person, an adult male, was not immediately located. A

Coast Guard helicopter and rescue boat conducted a search of the area and located the victim entangled in some rope that had come from the capsized boat. He was brought up and CPR was attempted, but the unidentified man did not survive his injuries.

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