$1 million bail for suspect in deadly kidnapping of Kennewick woman

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) —Bail has been set at $1 million for a woman who's suspected of kidnapping another woman whose body was later found along a road in Washington state.

Prosecutor Andy Miller says he has until Wednesday to file charges against the 49-year-old suspect, a former prison guard who appeared in Benton County court Monday.

She was arrested Friday in connection with the kidnapping of 69-year-old Sandra Harris of Kennewick after police tailed her from where she picked up a $250,000 ransom.

A police report says the suspect confessed to taking part in the abduction.

Police have said the women knew each other but haven't detailed their relationship.

Harris was found dead Sunday. Prosecutors say Harris appeared to be the victim of a gunshot wound. An autopsy is scheduled later this week.

Court documents say the suspect had Harris call her husband and say they wanted $250,000 in exchange for her release. The suspect showed up to receive the money and was tailed and then arrested by Kennewick police last Friday night.

Court documents say blood was found in the back seat of the victim's vehicle.

Police say Harris and her husband, Randy, owned Ace Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Kennewick.