1 person arrested, 1 detained in connection with deadly Kent gas station shooting

KENT -- One person was arrested Wednesday night and one was detained for questioning in connection with a shooting at a gas station that left two people dead Wednesday morning in Kent, police said. Authorities also impounded two cars as part of the investigation.

The arrest was made in Burien. No details were immediately available on the arrest.

Reports of a shooting came in around 8:00 a.m. in the 6300 block of SE 212th Street in Kent at the Trimark X Shell station. Two people were shot, the Kent Fire Department said, and they were later reported dead at the scene.

Witnesses at the gas station told Q13 FOX News that a black Cadillac pulled into the station and the two men inside were clearly looking for trouble, trying to pick a fight with at least one customer  before getting into a confrontation with workers at the store.

"It turns into a fist fight, and the manager comes out and tries to break it up," said Ryan Riess who was in the store at the time. "Meanwhile, the other guy goes to his car, gets his gun, and it's like firecrackers going off, pop, pop, pop."

The two then got into the car and sped off.

A friend of one of the victims said it appeared he was just trying to break up a fight.

Police said the suspects were in a dark-colored vehicle, but gave little other information about the suspect. Traffic was blocked in the area as police investigated the shooting.

A construction worker in the area said he heard four gunshots. Now, he can't believe what happened to the gas station he knows so well.

"We go to that Shell station every morning," he said. "That could have been us getting shot."

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