11-year old cancer survivor invents device to help kids going through chemo

NAUGATUCK, Conn. -- An inventive teen used her experience with cancer to create something to help others, WTNH reported.

Kylie Simonds was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer three years ago.

“I lost my hair and always used to get sick easily,” Kylie told the station.

Since chemotherapy, Kylie has been cancer-free!

So when she was recently given a school assignment to create something that addresses and everyday problem, she invented a chemo backpack.

“I used to have to use the I-V poles and I always tripped over all the wires,” she told WTNH. “It was hard to walk around, and I always had to have someone push it for me because I was kind a weak when I was in chemo.”


Kylie is now raising money, so the backpacks can be manufactured, so that other kids can move around easier while having chemo.

From her Go Fund Me site:

The IV Pediatric Backpack for Kids With Cancer is meant  for children on chemotherapy, receiving transfusions, or other medical reasons.

Kylie has currently surpassed her fundraising goal of $20,000 but the donations keep coming in.

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