12 dogs, including 11 puppies, found abandoned in Point Defiance Park bathroom

A female dog and her 11 puppies are now recovering after being abandoned inside a bathroom at Point Defiance Park in Pierce County last week. 

According to the Pierce County Humane Society, the mother, an emaciated pitbull, was found tied up in the bathroom with a suitcase that held 11 of her one-week-old puppies.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan found the family and took them to the humane society. The mother is still too skinny and veterinarians are putting her on a refeeding program to help her safely gain weight. 

The puppies are being treated for puppy strangles, a condition that causes swelling in the face and skin lesions. 

Once the dogs are healed and healthy, they will be able to be adopted. 

A Tacoma family is currently fostering all 12 of the dogs. 

"I really just wanted to something for this poor mom who had been left in a bathroom with all of her babies in a suitcase," said Samantha LaFontaine.

LaFontaine's husband is one of the people who found the dogs at the park. She says "Oolong," the name of the mother, and the 11 puppies (all named after coffee and tea) have improved so much in just a few days.

She is looking forward to when the pups are old enough to be adopted by the community.

"When they’re going to their forever home, it’s not sadness it’s happiness that they’re going to get more love and more attention and more training and get to start the rest of their lives," she said.

The organization is asking for donations to help off-set the costs of caring for all 12 dogs. 

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