2 brothers sentenced for killing, dismembering their cousin in Mason County

Two brothers were sentenced in Mason County after pleading guilty to murdering and dismembering their cousin

27-year-old Derrick Wily's remains were found near Shelton in 2020. According to court documents, he had been choked to death and dismembered. 

His two cousins, Jordan and Jureau Afo, were later arrested in connection to his murder

Court documents say one of the brothers had previously gotten into a fight with Wily and felt Wily was "being disrespectful." 

On Dec. 20, a judge ruled that Jureau will spend 20 years behind bars for second-degree murder. Jordan will spend five years in prison for helping his brother dispose of Wily's body. 

Wily's mother, Malynn Foster, was in court for the sentencing.

In a statement to FOX 13, she said: 

"It's unbelievable in this day and age that there is no crime against dismemberment and mutilation if you come across a dead body or kill someone. That rendering criminal assistance is the best they could do for Jordan for unlawful disposal of human remains, which are subject to standard sentencing guidelines. In the shadow of plea deals, the judge doesn't know how heinous the crimes are unless the victims and survivors are strong enough and informed enough of the facts, then state the facts in their impact statements. Which we did, as a family today.   Representative Mosbrucker is working to address such gaps in the system, especially since 78% of all crimes are resolved through plea deals. And overall, they lack public transparency for the public. Plea deals make crime affordable, not only for the justice system, but for criminals perpetuating violence against the good people of this country. Plea deals create a revolving door in the justice system. And the people, the victims pay the price. I feel like the judge heard us today, but not all families are as strong as we are. We must address systemic gaps, so victims can become survivors and advocates/activists for change. And our streets can be safe."