'Brazen and brutal:' 2 men charged for armed robbery & rape of woman inside her Kirkland home

Two men have been charged in what prosecutors called a "brazen and brutal" armed robbery and rape of a woman inside her Kirkland home.  

According to the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, 23-year-old Bubacarr Touray and 19-year-old Muhammad Sesay entered a home just after 1 a.m. on Oct. 28 and aimed their guns at a woman. Court documents say one held a gun to her head and the other pressed the barrel into her chest. 

"The victim feared she would surely be killed but was most concerned for her family members who were asleep just a few rooms away in the home," court documents said. 

Touray and Sesay demanded money, and made off with the victim's phone, credit cards and cash.

Before running off, the victim told police that Touray raped her at gunpoint. 

The pair were arrested several hours later.

Touray has been charged with first-degree rape and first-degree robbery. Sesay was charged with first-degree robbery,  

Prosecutors asked a judge to hold Touray on $750,000 bail and Sesay on $500,000 bail.

Touray had his first appearance in court on Nov. 14.

A statement was read on behalf of the victim: 

"The survivor of the attack and the Kirkland community are horrified, traumatized and in disbelief that two men in ski masks with semi-automatic weapons came to their quiet neighborhood to victimize a sleeping family in their community. The survivor of the attack recalls the sheer terror of waking up to see two men in ski masks with guns in their hands and realizing that she was about to be robbed. She recalls she took note in the mere seconds before the assailants noticed her sleeping on the couch how comfortably they handled their weapons and work together to control the room like a militia. She realized that these were not delinquent teenagers, a mental health crisis, or amateurs. Her fears were confirmed when both men rushed to her, one pressing his gun to her temple and the other - arraigned here today pressed his gun into her chest. At that moment the survivor thought only of protecting her family. Her son, mother, husband and future daughter-in-law who are all home and unaware of the horrific events unfolding in a place they thought they were safe. Those same instincts to protect her family extend to her friends, neighbors and community. That is why the survivor has started the Kirkland Stronger Together Facebook page. To bring her community together with the sole purpose of making sure this never happens to any one of her neighbors or members of her community, which she cherishes. The survivor encourages people to "follow" Facebook page Kirkland Stronger Together and reach out to learn how you can help protect your neighborhood, your community, your family and friends. She also appreciates the community attending court appearances.

In closing, Kirkland Stronger Together has a message:
If you commit a crime in Kirkland you will be caught."