2 new measles cases reported in King County

SEATTLE -- Two more cases of measles were reported in King County Wednesday, according to Public Health — Seattle & King County.

One patient was a teenager who was exposed to the virus while visiting the Auburn Community Center last week. The other case was an infant who is not believed to have been in any public areas during the infectious phase.

For a detailed timeline of each exposure, visit King County’s website here. 

This brings the total number of confirmed measles cases in the county to nine since the beginning of May. This year marks the highest number of cases in the United States since 1992, according to the CDC.

According to the state health department, measles is highly contagious and can be serious. Measles is easily spread when an infected person breathes, coughs, or sneezes.

Almost everyone who has not had the vaccine or measles previously will get measles if they are exposed to the virus, and symptoms don’t appear in patients until about a week after being exposed.

If you feel that you have been exposed to the virus, visit your doctor. The CDC says the measles vaccine can still be effective if administered soon after an exposure.