22+ dumpster fires set in Redmond and Bellevue overnight

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Investigators have arrested a man following dozens of dumpster fires in Redmond and Bellevue overnight.

Firefighters tell Q13 News, they started getting 911 calls about the fires around 12:30 a.m. near the 14700 block of NE 20th Street in Bellevue.

When officers arrived, they found about 12 dumpsters had been set on fire. They also learned that an additional 10-12 dumpsters were previously set in Redmond near the Goodwill.

Using a helicopter from the King County Sheriff’s Office, authorities were able to find the suspect.

A 56-year-old homeless man was arrested for criminal trespass and second-degree arson, according to Bellevue police.

No buildings were damaged and there were no injuries.