24-year-old charged with 2 rapes, 2 robberies, theft, car theft, reckless endangerment

OLYMPIA -- A 24-year-old man accused of a crime spree in Thurston County was charged Wednesday with two rapes, two robberies, car theft, theft and reckless endangerment.

Arraignment for Curtis Harmon is set for April 7. Bail had already been set at $1 million.

On Monday, Harmon faced a judge for a probable cause hearing Monday.


Our camera was rolling as Harmon scuffled with deputies after his bail was set in Thurston County Superior Court. The incident could be seen on the courtroom's video monitor.

According to The Olympian, Harmon told Judge Anne Hirsh via the courtroom's video monitor, “How are you gonna charge me with something I didn’t do?” Harmon then scuffled with officers who tried to escort him away after bail was set.

Police Lt. Cliff Ziesemer said, "It is a definite relief to get this guy in custody. And I’m sure it’s a relief to the community."

Cops say a man violently robbed and raped two women at knifepoint between March 14-18. In both cases, the attacker grabbed the victim from behind, threatened to kill them and forced them to perform sexual acts.

Police Cmdr. Jim Mack said, "Very unusual to have serial stranger rape in close proximity in this county. We normally don’t see that."

Just minutes after that second sexual assault, Lacey police say a man stole a running SUV with two kids inside. Police found the car a couple of blocks away with the kids safe and sound.

Descriptions from the rapes and the images of the suspect from the stolen car case matched, and police, with the help of a tip from one of the suspect's relatives, identified their suspect as Harmon.

Neighbors who lived near Harmon are relieved he is off the streets.

"This is a pretty quiet neighborhood and for it to be that close … that’s a little perturbing. Disturbing," one neighbor said.